Global Labor and Employment Law Strategic Topics. Covid-19: Workplace Challenges Now and Beyond

The Covid-19 Pandemic is forcing organizations around the world to adapt their company and its culture to new ways of working.

This includes, of course, first and foremost, health & safety concerns for the workforce, customers, and partners, as well as using and enabling technology to allow people to work efficiently together from different physical locations.

The challenges are not to be underestimated as each jurisdiction has its own labor & employment regulations with respect to employer responsibility for the health & safety of its people, and the ability to require its workforce to change its working locations.

Another challenge is the managerial aspect of this shift in our working ways. Managers need to creatively find new ways to stay connected and motivate workers by keeping in touch with them remotely.

Employers must also consider the need of many businesses to reduce their HR costs and perhaps significantly transform their businesses to adapt to the economic impact of this pandemic. Here again, local laws will differ on the rules and options for employer to reduce headcount and/or modify an employee’s terms and conditions of employment.

In this newsletter, we focus on the labor & employment law challenges for companies in Returning to Work (or Not) in our Covid -19 world. You will find insights from 39 jurisdictions around the world.

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