Enterprise resilience: Nine areas of focus to reframe your future

Our easy-to-use diagnostic tool provides a methodical approach to crisis management, recovery and reinvention.

The working world has reacted to COVID-19 with speed and responsibility. Social-distancing measures and government-backed furloughing schemes seem to have been effective at slowing the spread of the virus.

But as governments cautiously relax lockdown measures, leaders must look to what comes next and how they can begin to adapt their organizations to the world beyond the pandemic. Specifically, how do you build resilience into your operations, decisions, business model and ways of working so your company can weather future disruption?

A map for navigating uncertainty and complexity is critical. We’ve identified nine areas that not only assist business continuity now, but help reframe your organization’s future. We recommend starting with people-related issues before moving to other areas, which can be addressed in any order:

  1. Employee health and wellbeing
  2. Talent and workforce
  3. Supply chain and global trade
  4. Customer and brand
  5. Financial and investor
  6. Risk
  7. Government and public policy
  8. Technology and information security
  9. Insurance and legal disputes

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