How a new talent mindset can solve the post-merger integration puzzle

Boards that prioritize employees and culture during their acquisition integration may be better positioned to hit their post-deal targets.

With talent in short supply, many companies rely on mergers and acquisitions (M&A) to secure a workforce that will fuel new capacity for innovation and growth. In EY’s 18th edition of the Capital Confidence Barometer, 67% of executives surveyed identified talent as the primary driver of acquisitions.

Yet, in the subsequent edition of the Capital Confidence Barometer, the percentage of executives identifying talent as a top talent acquisition driver dropped to 19%. On the face of it, this seems surprising given that record levels of employment in many leading economies mean that the war for talent is as fierce as it ever was.

However, when we look deeper into the insights, the reason seems hardly surprising: when asked what their key challenge was when integrating an acquired company, survey executives cited successfully onboarding and retaining talent more than any other issue.

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