Global Labor and Employment Law strategic topics

Employment Documentation Management Globally

Companies operating cross border with employees around the world are facing increased challenges to ensure compliance with the various labor and employment law documentation and retention requirements. In the second edition of Global Labor and Employment Law Strategic Topics in 2019, we explore employment documentation management globally. 

Global organizations often have difficulties ensuring that documentation is properly managed and retrievable by the right people at the right time and for the right reasons.
Moreover, the GDPR requires companies to allow employees access to the information and documents retained by the employer concerning them in order to verify the accuracy, and request correction or erasure.

In this edition of our EY Global Labor & Employment Law hot topics guide, we focus on the rules for employment documentation and management across 36 jurisdictions.
EY’s legal advisory and managed services teams not only advise companies on compliance with these legal rules; we also assist companies in setting up systems to easily process, store and retrieve documentation in compliance with those rules.

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