EY Asia-Pacific Digital Law Newsletter (4th Edition)

In this edition of the Asia-Pacific Digital Law Newsletter, we explore AI-related legal developments in a number of jurisdictions across the Asia-Pacific. Given both the hype around and potential of AI, we are seeing a few jurisdictions across the region introducing guidance, with some considering ethical frameworks and some new laws (or amendments to existing laws) that specifically address the use of AI technology.

However, we are not yet seeing regional cooperation in Asia-Pacific (or globally) or a move to introduce harmonized AI laws.

Our coverage of AI developments in this edition ranges from an overview of global AI legislation from our New Zealand colleagues, through a consideration of liability for ‘rogue robots’ in Australia, Hong Kong’s latest developments in AI banking to Singapore’s recent best practices guidance on use of AI in business.

To keep you informed of what is happening around our region, we also include short updates on key developments in the Asia-Pacific in the Digital Law space.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to your relevant jurisdiction contact (listed on page 25 of the newsletter) if you wish to further discuss the material in this edition or your Digital Law needs in your jurisdiction or across the Asia-Pacific region.

You can access the full report here.

EY Law Contacts:

Frith Tweedie, NZ Digital Law Leader

Kirsty Keating, Oceania Law Leader