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istock-154963006Whistle-blowing and Ethics 2018

Compliance and transparency are of paramount importance today. For this reason, whistle-blowing laws are being enacted to encourage employees to come forward without fear of reprisals.

While these rules safeguard employee interests, multi-national companies are facing increasing challenges relating to whistle-blowing, ethics and retaliation claims.

Knowing how to appropriately anticipate and manage these issues could prevent  significant negative exposure in all media, potentially and unnecessarily damaging a company’s image and reputation.

Country-by-country and EU whistle-blowing rules need to be taken into account in  setting the best practices and policies in this growing area of risk, including what an employer must do when faced with a whistle-blower claim, such as whether an  investigation is required, protections of the employee who complained of company  practices and litigation issues.

Best practice requires companies to take action in advance by creating a hotline and training its employees in ethical behavior. This edition of our global hot topics guide is dedicated to helping global companies understand how to manage these whistle-blowing and ethics issues in 31 countries around the world.

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