EY Global Information Security Survey 2018–19

14H06773_RF.jpgIs cybersecurity about more than protection?

More than two decades after EY began researching organizations’ awareness of the growing cybersecurity threat — and their response — the need to engage with this issue from board level down is more pressing than ever. Attacks continue to grow in both number and sophistication.

The range of bad actors is expanding, and digital transformation and new technologies are exposing organizations to new vulnerabilities. This year, we are delighted that more than 1,400 respondents have taken the time to participate in our research. EY analysis of the responses from CIOs, CISOs and other executives shows that many organizations are increasing the resources they devote to cybersecurity, but also that they remain deeply concerned about the scale and severity of the threat.

As cyber risks are evolving, any organization that regards itself as safe from cyberattack is likely to be in for a shock. Moreover, the objective for all organizations should be to not only protect the enterprise with good cybersecurity hygiene and basic lines of defense, but also to optimize the response with more advanced tools and strategies.

Moreover, as digital transformation proceeds, cybersecurity must be
an enabling function rather than a block to innovation and change. Please read the full report here.

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