Can You Do More With Less Information Security Vendors?

14H06809_RFWith the World Economic Forum rating a large-scale cybersecurity breach as one of the five most serious risks facing the world today, the information security (infosec) market has been evolving rapidly as threats have proliferated. With its rise as a boardroom topic and an explosion of vendors serving the market, the infosec landscape has become more complex in recent years. How are companies compiling vendor solutions to meet their infosec needs?

EY-Parthenon conducted an online survey of 251 enterprise infosec decision-makers across the US to learn more about how companies are deploying vendor solutions across the numerous segments of the infosec market including network and data security, endpoint security, and identity and access management.

Our research uncovered several key findings around vendor usage that will influence the infosec market in the coming years:

  • Complex and fragmented solutions

While companies generally prefer to work with best-of-breed vendors who can provide an integrated suite, they end up having to patch together offerings from multiple vendors, resulting in a highly complex and fragmented infosec environment.

  • Multiple vendors

Companies express a desire to consolidate the number of vendors they use, but the reality often proves more difficult, and they wind up working with an ever-increasing number of vendors.

  • Existing product suites are underwhelming

With a clear incentive to simplify and integrate solutions into a suite of products, companies seem largely underwhelmed by existing product suites.

Obvious opportunities exist for infosec vendors to capture market share by better serving customers through consolidation and improved product integration. However, the path to achieving this presents vendors with some strategic choices. Find out more here.

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