Female entrepreneurs outperform male peers in job creation

WEOYFemale entrepreneurs are outperforming their male peers when it comes to hiring, according to new research released this week to coincide with the EY World Entrepreneur Of The Year™ Forum.

According to the EY Global Job Creation Survey 2016, a survey of 2,673 entrepreneurs globally, women are leading in the job creation stakes, anticipating an average growth rate of 10.9% in the next year, compared to 8.3% among male entrepreneurs. Furthermore, 43% of women surveyed said they hired more than expected in 2015, compared to 39% of male entrepreneurs.

The survey shows that job creation levels are even higher among younger women. Female entrepreneurs under the age of 35 expect an average 16% increase in workforce size in the year ahead, while 56% recorded better than expected job creation in the past year. The figures for men in the same age bracket are 13% and 56% respectively.

Key findings

  • Female entrepreneurs predict growth in their workforce of 10.9% in the next year, compared to 8.3% among male entrepreneurs
  • Younger female entrepreneurs predict even higher workforce growth (16%) in the year ahead
  • Women entrepreneurs surveyed are 19% more likely to be running a US$1b+ businesses than men

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